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June 2024

The DCCM Foundation teamed up with the Black Founders Network (University of Toronto) to launch an incredible pitch competition for black student entrepreneurs. Seven outstanding finalists were invited to Collision (Black Innovation Zone) to pitch their social venture for a chance to win $10,000

Did you know that 85% of people who need or want to donate their unused clothes don't do it because they don't know/trust the collection options - where do unwanted clothes end up instead of in the hands of those who need them?


To date, the Stitch x Stitch Foundation has successfully executed over 3000 clothing donations spanning 4 countries. This incredible organization is about to launch their school ambassador program, AND, beta test 'Stitchd' - a revolutionary platform that connects clothing donors directly with donees who need them the most. Not only are they significantly improving the effectiveness of clothing donations for those in need, they are also diverting textile waste from landfills around the world... This means social AND environmental impact!!

REMINDER: This founder and her team are Undergrad Students!!!

Meet our Finalists

We were absolutely blown away by the incredible talent, passion, and innovation demonstrated by all of our finalists. Along with Crystal, we congratulate these outstanding student social entrepreneurs.


Fall 2024

  • In partnership with Saint Mary's University Entrepreneurship Centre, watch out for a DCCM Pitch Competition during the Innovation Cup!

  • A DCCM Pitch Competition for Enactus Canada students is in development - keep an eye out!!

  • More to come...stay tuned

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